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AI and Emerging Technologies for Integrated Transportation Cybersecurity Workshop

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Price: $90 (Early Bird) | $120 (On-Site)

PDH Credits: 2

In our current era, there is a pervasive adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and various cutting-edge technologies to enhance transportation systems. These technologies include Internet-of-Things (IoT), digitization, automation, and intelligent sensing systems. Taking a systematic viewpoint, the primary approach to incorporating these emerging technologies into transportation involves the transformation of existing Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) into Cyber-Physical Systems in Transportation (CPS-T). The overarching goal of CPS-T is to revolutionize the exchange of interactive data and information among vehicles, transportation infrastructures, and the manner in which individuals engage with engineered transportation systems. This encompasses control devices, shared vehicles, and other service facilities. Effectively, CPS-T establishes a sophisticated network by capitalizing on the seamless fusion of computers, communication, and sensor technologies.

The CPS-T holds significant promise in charting the course towards comprehensive control and optimization of Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs) operations, with the aim of substantially improving safety, enhancing energy efficiency, and reducing the environmental impact. Simultaneously, a plethora of innovative concepts and unconventional solutions have gained widespread prominence. Remarkably, the CPS-T network, operating with minimal human supervision, introduces an automated framework. However, this very attribute exposes it to potential vulnerabilities and cyber-physical security issues. It is imperative to fortify the system against potential threats to data security, ensuring the integrity of its operations, and upholding the trustworthiness of the information it disseminates.

The primary objective of this preconference workshop is to establish a dynamic discussion forum that centers on the state-of-the-art advancements and insights related to CPS-T development and transportation cybersecurity. The focus will be on technologies associated with CPS-T and the innovative application concepts aimed at advancing traffic safety, enhancing data security, and fostering climate-friendly mobility. It also emphasizes on identifying potential solutions applicable to transportation engineering contexts.

This workshop is organized by ASCE T&DI Emerging Technologies Council, and supported by CYBER-CARE, Tier I USDOT University Transportation Center, TRB Committee on AI and Advanced Computing Applications (AED50), and TRB Committee on Information System and Technology (AED30).

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