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State DOT super plenary

Monday, June 17, 2024

The super plenary is back!

T&DI is pleased to welcome back State DOT directors for the popular State DOT Super Plenary panel. Confirmed speakers for the 2024 panel include Joey Hopkins of the North Carolina Department of Transportation, Roger Millar of the Washington State Department of Transportation, Scott Marler of the Iowa Department of Transportation, and Jennifer Toth of the Arizona Department of Transportation. Russell McMurry, ICTD 2024 Co-Chair and Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Transportation, will serve as moderator. 

A smiling middle-aged man with dark eyes, hair on the sides of his head but bald on top, salt and pepper hair, moustache, and beard, dark gray suit, light blue shirt, light and dark silver tie with alternating diamond patterns, and a North Carolina flag pin on his suit jacket.


Transportation Secretary, North Carolina Department of Transportation

A smiling man with white hair, a white goatee, a small gold earring in his left ear, black suit, white shirt, lapel pin, and red and gold floral tie


Secretary of Transportation, Washington State Department of Transportation

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