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Technical Sessions

Earn Professional Development Hours (PDHs) while attending technical breakout sessions.  Learn more about each breakout session below.

Track A - CAV ImpactsTrack A | Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) Impacts

Track A Speakers and Details (PDF)

  • 2030: A Look at the Future of CAVs  
  • New Energy and CAVs
  • Sensors, Big Data and Analytics for CAVs
  • Information & Communications Technology for CAVs
  • Financial, Legal, and Policy Issues for CAV
  • DSRC vs. 5G: Pros and Cons for CAVs


Track B - Emerging Technologies Track B | Challenges & Opportunities for Emerging Technologies

Track B Speakers and Details (PDF)

  • Smart Cities - Insights from the U.S. DOT Smart City Challenge Finalists
  • Data Sensing & Analytics
  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
  • Electric Vehicles (EV)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Unmanned Arial System (UAS)


Track C - SafetyTrack C | Transportation Safety

Track C Speakers and Details (PDF)

  •  Safety Effects of Roadway Element & Traffic Control
  • Crash Prediction and Assessment
  • Big Data Collection and Analysis to Achieve Vision Zero
  • Railroad Grade Crossing Safety
  • Financial, Institutional and Legal Issues for Transportation Safety
  • Research Related to Crash Problem Identification and Prevention


Track D - Planning & DevelopmentTrack D | Planning & Development

Track D Speakers and Details (PDF)

  • Leveraging Existing Data to Build New Smart City Analytics - Public Sector's Perspective
  • Leveraging Existing Data to Build New Smart City Analytics - Private Sector's Perspective
  • Cybersecurity in the Age of Smart Mobility and Smart Cities
  • Data and Analytics
  • Optimizing MaaS opportunities with Smart Systems
  • Other Planning Considerations


Track E - Rail & Public TransitTrack E | Rail & Public Transit

Track E Speakers and Details (PDF)

  • 2030: A Look at the Future of Rail and Public Transit
  • New Energy for Rail and Public Transit
  • Big Data and Analytics for Rail and Public Transit
  • Advanced Communications for Rail and Public Transit
  • Financial and Legal Issues for Rail and Public Transit
  • Emerging Civil Engineering Codes and Standards for Rail and Public Transit


Track F - Infrastructure SystemsTrack F | Infrastructure Systems

Track F Speakers and Details (PDF)

  • Innovations in Computer-Aided Decision Support
  • Integration of Electric Power and Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Systems
  • Automated Data Collection, Analytics and Asset Management Techniques
  • EV Charging Infrastructure
  • Freight Transportation Issues
  • Experiences in the Developing World


Track G - Traffic OperationsTrack G | Traffic Operations

Track G Speakers and Details (PDF)

  • Traffic Operations - Public Sector's Perspective
  • Innovation in Signalized Intersection Control
  • Urban Streetscapes for Smart Mobility
  • Advanced Traffic Control Systems and Devices
  • Innovation in UAV Delivery
  • Toward Safe and Efficient Freight Operation


Track H - Aviation Planning & OperationsTrack H | Aviation Planning & Operations

Track H Speakers and Details (PDF)

  • Planning Airport Terminals for the Future of Air Transport
  • Airside Planning for the Future of Aviation
  • Assignments for Incoming and Outgoing Flights
  • Spaceports
  • New Technology Impacts on Airport Planning and Operations
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems
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