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Technical Program

Note: The preliminary technical program is a working document that is subject to change.

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Plenary Sessions

Concurrent Tracks

Track A - Connected and Autonomous Vehicles I

This track will cover key topics on CAVs and their impact. Session titles include:

  • Connected and Automated Transport - Shaping the Future
  • Sustainable Connected and Automated Transport
  • Enabling Technologies for Connected and Automated Vehicles
  • Cooperative Trucking Automation
  • Behavior and Safety in Connected and Automated Traffic
  • From Autonomous Vehicles to Autonomous Traffic

Track B - Connected and Autonomous Vehicles II

This track will also cover key topics on CAVs and their impact. Session titles include:

  • Impacts of CAVs on Transportation & Development
  • Where is the mobility industry heading?
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Tools to Solve Transportation Problems
  • Shared Mobility and Connected Automation
  • Policy and Legal Implications of Connected and Automated Vehicles

Track C – Transportation Safety

This track will cover key topics related to transportation safety. Session titles include:

  • Transportation Data Driven Safety Analysis
  • Contemporary Safety Issues
  • Special Issue on Safety
  • Spacial Anaylsis
  • Highway Safety Manual/Signals
  • Roadside Harware for Safety

Track D – Planning, Development, and Sustainability

This track will cover key topics related to planning, development, and sustainability. Session titles include:

  • Smart Cities
  • Planning for Sustainability
  • Transportation & Land Use Planning
  • Bikes and Pedestrians
  • Sustainability Evaluation and Assessment
  • Data Collection

Track E – Rail and Public Transit

This track will cover key topics related to rail and public transit. Session titles include:

  • Broad Impacts Resulting from Transit Related Automation
  • Automated Personal Rapid Transit and People Movers: Existing Trends and Characteristics
  • Impacts of Rail Transportation Systems
  • Recent Developments in Advanced Bus Transit Systems
  • Challenges of Rail Transportation Systems
  • Integration of Bike, Transit Ride Sharing, and Pedestrian Systems and Facilities

Track F – Airports and Infrastructure Systems

This track will cover key topics related to airports and infrastructure systems. Session titles include

  • Image Analytics: A Path Forward for Enhanced Infrastructure Systems Management
  • Sensor Technologies in Infrastructure Systems Management
  • Airside Planning
  • Airport Terminal/Concourse Planning
  • Innovative Techniques for Infrastructure Resiliency
  • Pittsburgh International Airport Program

Track G – Traffic Operations

This track will cover key topics related to traffic operations. Session titles include:

  • Regional Traffic Congestion
  • Innovative Traffic and Pavement Performance Measures
  • Pedestrians to Connected Vehicles
  • Technology Applications for Airport Pavements
  • Freight Transportation Management and Data Innovations
  • Signals and Roundabouts

Track H – Highway & Airfield Pavements

This track will cover key topics related to highway and airfield pavements. Session titles include:

  • Airfield Pavement Testing & Evaluation
  • Case-Studies in Airfield Construction
  • Airport Construction Materials & New Techonologies
  • Advancement in Cement and Concrete Materials
  • Advanced Analysis and Application
  • Impacts on Performance of Pavements
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