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T&DI Committee Meetings

​Committee meetings are open to all ICTD 2019 conference attendees and serve as a great opportunity to engage with your professional community.

| 5:00–6:30 p.m.

Transportation Safety Committee | Birch

Public Transport Committee | Juniper

| 5:15–6:15 p.m.

Aviation Planning & Operations Committee | Birch

Connected & Autonomous Vehicles Impacts Committee | Aspen

Economics & Finance Committee | Chestnut

Freight & Logistics Committee | Poplar

Infrastructure Systems Committee | Walnut

Street & Highway Operations Committee | Maple

Sustainable Transportation Committee | Beech

Rail Transport Committee | Arbors

UAS Impacts Task Committee | Laurel

Not meeting at ICTD 2019

Airfield Pavement Committee (meeting at Pavements 2019)

Automated People Movers Committee

Highway Construction Committee (meeting at Pavements 2019)

Highway Pavement Committee (meeting at Pavements 2019)

Journal of Transportation Engineering, Part A: Systems

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