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Pre-Conference Events

Please note: All events are subject to change.

Roundtables and Short Course

Tuesday, May 26 | 2:00 – 5:00 pm

Plan to arrive in Seattle the afternoon of May 26th and take part in one of the following roundtable and short course opportunities. These events are available to add to your registration to enhance your ICTD 2020 technical program experience.

Roundtable: Workforce Development Needs

Free (must register)

This roundtable, moderated by the Chair of ASCE’s Workforce Development Council, will include representatives from federal, state, and local transportation agencies, academics, and practicing engineers from the private sector, discussing the transportation workforce development needs, and ideas and initiatives to enhance workforce development, delivery capacity, and diversity in key transportation sectors and disciplines. The roundtable will be open for participation to all conference attendees.

Roundtable: The Need for Smart City Standards

Free (must register)

This roundtable will be moderated by the Chairs of ASCE’s Smart City Standards Initiative and will include representatives from federal, state, and local transportation agencies, academics, and practicing engineers from the private sector. The event will begin with an overview of the smart city standards under development at ASCE and then focus on an open dialog to identify the guidelines, codes and standards that are needed to reduce barriers to deployment of technology on the built infrastructure for smart mobility and smart cities. Recommendations from this event will feed into ASCE’s standards development prioritization process. The roundtable will be open for participation by all conference attendees.

Moderator: Eva Lerner-Lam, F.ITE, M.ASCE, Founder and President, Palisades Consulting Group, Inc.

Lerner-Lam is Co-Chair of the ASCE T&DI ESX Standards for Smart X Initiative.  A former President of T&DI and member of the International Board of Direction of the Institute of Transportation Engineers, she has led policymakers and technical professionals in many key multidisciplinary initiatives over the past four decades, all focused on facilitating the adoption of technologies into a safe, secure and sustainable society.  She holds a Bachelors Degree in Economics from Princeton University and a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering-Transportation Systems from MIT, served as a trustee of Princeton and has chaired numerous national and international research and professional association committees.  

Short Course: Security in ‘Smart’ Applications – How to Outsmart the Hackers

$25 (must register)

Arguably the biggest public concern when discussing smart applications, specifically smart vehicles (CAV), is the ability of hackers to enter the control systems or vehicles and affect the operation of one or more vehicles or the traffic control system. The risk of hacking is relevant to any smart system (e.g., city, energy, data) in any smart application. This workshop will explore smart systems from the outside looking in – how do hackers find loopholes in the systems and what can be done to close those holes? Workshop presenters will provide their insight and lead a comprehensive discussion with attendees on a variety of topics related to cybersecurity.

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