International Conference on Transportation & Development

Houston, Texas | June 26-29, 2016

TransportationCamp TX

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    Sunday, June 26

    TransportationCamp Texas 2016

    10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

    TransportationCamp Texas 2016, a partnership with the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Houston and Austin Chapters of the Young Professionals in Transportation (YPT), aims to bring together diverse views and perspectives on pressing transportation issues in Texas. By hosting TransportationCamp at ICTD, YPT, and ASCE are helping to create a unique TransportationCamp atmosphere, where technologies, transportation advocates, and users can come together in open conversation with the operators can come together in open conversation with the operators of Texas' transportation providers. 

    What is an Unconference?

    TransportationCamp Texas will be held as an unconference - a loosely structured conference emphasizing the informal exchange of information and ideas between participants, rather than following a conventionally structured program of events. Typically at an unconference, the agenda is created by the attendees at the beginning of the meeting. Anyone who want to initiate a discussion on a topic can claim a time and a space.

    Unconferences typically feature open discussions rather than having a single speaker at the front of the room giving a talk, although any format is permitted. It is a exciting new way to engage in a group discussion, exchange great ideas, and learn from your peers. 

    Morning coffee will be included in the registration fee of $25, but guest will be expected to provide their own lunch.

    Registration Fee: EB/ADV/ONS - $25


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